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Illustrated Talks on Wildlife & Photography

Below is a selection of the talks available.
Others include:- Costa Rica, Gambia and Travels in Europe.
For details of these and fees charged please contact me.

Iceland, Spitsbergen and Finland

This talk takes you to the far north of Europe, snow and ice are a major feature, rare birds and mammals flourish. Little auks, phalaropes and other wading birds feature but perhaps it is the mammals which steal the show, brown bears, polar bears, walrus and wolverine are all included. Something for everyone.

Lincolnshire Wildlife

Many people imagine Lincolnshire to be a county that resembles an arable prairie. Just how wrong can you be! It has over one hundred reserves including beaches, saltmarshes, heathland, reedbed, and grassland. Bitterns, little terns, dragonflies and exotic flowers are just some of the species to feature in this talk.

Animal Magic

This talk takes you on a trip through the world of animals, no birds or plants, just animals from fascinating insects, incredible amphibians and reptiles to mammals large and small. We will visit places from all around the world to show the marvellous diversity of life that we share the planet with.

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey come in all shapes and sizes from the tiny pygmy falcon in the arid regions of Africa to the magnificent and large eagles such as the stellers sea eagle on the ice flows in Japan. Closer to home there are sparrowhawks in the garden, kestrels nesting in straw stacks and merlins preying on little terns.

Madagascar, an island like no other

The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar has animals and plant species that are found nowhere else, insect eating plants , exquisite frogs, snakes, lizards and birds and most famous of all the lemurs, are included in this talk. Something for everybody.

India - Temples and Tigers

India is a place of incredible diversity, from its culture and architecture to a wonderful range of wild places. All of this will feature in this talk but it is the wildlife which takes pride of place. An array of birds at Bharatpur, rare crocodiles on the Chambal River and of course the elusive tiger.

Sri Lanka

The bird life is stunning, colourful bee-eaters, jungle fowl, pelicans, herons, egrets and various waders are just some that feature in this talk. There is more than just the birds to enjoy, including elephants, wild boar and fruit bats. There are reptiles strange lizards and snakes.


A land of striking contrasts, high sand dunes, desert antelopes and quiver trees are some of the delights of southern Namibia. In the north we find desert elephants, we visit a village of the Himba People. Etosha National Park is a jewel and the waterholes there attract all manner of animals.

A Digital Year

We start in Japan, eagles, cranes and monkeys then visit Lesvos, birds and flowers. This is followed by some local wildlife before visiting the Masai Mara and ending the year in the Okavango Delta.

Birds of the Wetlands

Herons, egrets, ibises, ducks and birds of prey are just some of the species to be found in wetlands. This talk takes you to wetlands in Australia, America, Europe and beyond.


The Kalahari Desert has a wealth of mammals and birds and while there we look at the Bushman who give us a glimpse into their old way of life. In the north of the country we visit the Okavango Delta with a wealth of water birds, saddle billed storks, egrets and bee eaters. A multitude of mammals include lion, kudu, hunting dogs and lechwe.

Photography My Way

People, patterns, plants and wildlife from here there and everywhere. Although wildlife is my first love I have tried to extend my photographic skills to cover all aspects including landscapes. To my mind taking pictures is a personal and fairly selfish thing and this talk reflects the subjects that interest me and how I interpret them.

Brazil the Pantanal

The Pantanal is one of the largest wetlands in the World with an amazing range of wildlife. Herons, egrets and storks along with various birds of prey are there along with many mammal species, the giant river otter and the majestic jaguar.

Trinidad and Tobago

These islands are a popular place for visiting birders due to the variety of species found there, tanagers and humming birds along with a good number of birds of prey, herons and egrets, and the unique nocturnal fruit eating oilbird. Frogs and reptiles are among the other attractions.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone and the surrounding areas through the seasons are all different. Summer has breeding birds and flowers, autumn is a blaze of colour and winter is a wonderland of snow and ice. Bison are just one of the mammal species to feature and the thermal areas add to the interest.

Highlands and Islands

Dotterel, ptarmigan, red grouse and snow buntings are all found in the highlands along with red squirrel and pine marten., hen harriers, slavonion grebe, waders and short eared owls. On the Outer Hebrides there are flowers with many orchids and the with luck you may spot the elusive corncrake.

Winter in Japan

Dancing cranes, magnificent sea eagles and strange macaques are just some of the wildlife encounted on this trip which includes a look at life in Tokyo

South Africa and Namibia

South Africa is one of the most botanically rich places in the world and in spring the desert in Namaqualand, in the north west, becomes a riot of colour. It is not just the flowers,South Africa has a wealth of other wildlife to experience leopards, wild dogs and spotted hyenas, gannet colonies, scops owls and kingfishers.

Utah and Arizona

In this talk we concentrate on the scenic landscapes of the area including Zion and Bryce Canyons, Arches NP, Monument Valley and the Antelope Slot Canyons near Page. On these travels we will take in some of the wildlife and look at a variety of plants that grow in these arid parts of the USA.

  • The photography was absolutely superb and the talk very interesting and informative.

    RSPB Bradford
  • Thank you for an erudite, yet entertaining talk - combined with superb photographs. I do hope it is not another 7 years before we see you again.

    Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust - Spilsby Area Group